Winter 2016/2017
                    Flickstick album recording in January 2017 // Release September 2017 on
                    We have been in the studio for our new album! Walter Quintus recorded us in
                    Osnabrück at Fattoria Musica. More information & tour dates soon here...
                     in Sweden!
                    I‘m very happy to announce our concerts at Jazzstudio Umeå on December 1 and at
                    Fasching in Stockholm on December 4, 2016, supported by the Goethe-Institut.
                    Also, there are new videos online with music from our “Dalarna“ release concert
                    at the A-Trane (Berlin) in May 2016. You can find them here:
                    Fall 2016                    
                    More press on “Dalarna“:
                    Duo concerts with Carol Liebowitz in Germany and in the Netherlands:
                   Oct 26 Donau 115 (Berlin), Oct 28 Miss Hecker (Berlin), Oct 29 Pankebuch (Berlin),
                    Oct 30 (Leipzig), Nov 5 Het Cultuurcafé (Noordwijk)
                    Summer 2016
                   Concert series IN SPIRIT at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin
                    July 7 - August 25, every Thursday, 21.00
                    CD Release Nico Lohmann Quintett “Merging Circles“
                    On June 3 „Merging Circles“ was released by Unit Records in Switzerland and will
                    be available in Germany in July!
                    More information:
                    “Dalarna“ has received a wonderful press response - read more here
                    Also, Den signade dag from “Dalarna“ is part of the compilation CD that
                    accompanies the Swedish music magazine Lira‘s 3rd issue this year.
                    Spring 2016  
                    “Dalarna“ CD RELEASE
                    I‘m very happy to announce the official release of “Dalarna“ that has its
                    roots in the pastoral music and old hymns from Dalarna in Sweden.
                    More information and tour dates you can find here:
                    Double Moon Records
                    FLICKSTICK on tour again in Northern Germany
                    Teaser video
                    More information and tour dates
                    Winter 2015/2016
                     NEW CD coming soon!  
                    “Dalarna“, the new album with Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann, Silke Eberhard and the
                    Birgitta Flick Quartet will be released in April 2016!
                    More information and tour dates:
                    The quartet will also play at Jazzwoche Burghausen on March 13, together with
                    Lina Nyberg, Nico Lohmann and Gebhard Ullmann.  
                    Autumn 2015
                     FLICKSTICK in Northern Germany
                     November 19-21: Berlin, Schwerin, Hannover
                    Sebastian Voegler | Jonas Östholm | Mauritz Agnas | Birgitta Flick
                     in Stockholm:
                    November 17, Lilla Hotellbaren
                    November 12, Glenn Miller Café
                     Duo and more with Carol Liebowitz in New York, Berlin, Schwerin, Stockholm
                     click here for more concerts
                    Summer 2015
                    Concert series IN SPIRIT at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin
                    July 2 - Sept 3, every Thursday, 21.00
                    Stockholm-Berlin Connection: summer concerts in Berlin
                    Moritz Köther | Antje Rößeler | Mauritz Agnas | Sebastian Voegler | Birgitta Flick
                    August 10 & 11, Terzo Mondo
                    August 12, Ufer Café
                    Spring 2015
                    New videos with music from concerts in Berlin and New York
                    Duo with Carol Liebowitz (New York)
                    Birgitta Flick Quartett (Berlin)
                    Winter 2014/2015                    
                     New York City
                     From mid-November 2014 till early February 2015 you can find Birgitta
                     in New York.
                     Autumn 2014
                     Adolphe Sax 200th birthday celebration at Gedächtniskirche Berlin
                     November 6, 2014
                     October 17, 2014, In den Ministgärten 3-10, 10117 Berlin
                      OUT NOW:  
                    Summer 2014                  
                    concert series IN SPIRIT at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin
                    every Friday, July 04 - September 05
                    Spring 2014
                   Birgitta Flick Quartett at XJazz Festival Berlin                
                   May 09, Privatclub, Berlin (Skalitzer Str. 85-56, 10997 Berlin)
                    Winter 2013/2014
                    Soon the first album of the German-Scandinavian quintet Flickstick will be released.
                    read more:                  
                    Autumn 2013
                    Septet recording
                    Together with Lina Nyberg (voc), Nico Lohmann (altsax, flutes) and
                    Silke Eberhard (bcl) the Birgitta Flick Quartett recorded with Walter Quintus the
                    music that Birgitta wrote after researching on Swedish folkmusik in 2011/2012.
                    This research and composition project was supported by the Elsa-Neumann-scholarship
                    of the City of Berlin.
                    read more:
                    Summer 2013
                    CD RELEASE Birgitta Flick Quartett
                    „Yingying“, the new CD of Birgitta‘s quartet from Berlin is here!
                    Released in June 2013 it is part of the „Jazz thing Next Generation“ series
                    on June 1st, 2013
                    more information and tour dates:
                    Jazz thing Next Generation Feature
                    Double Moon Records and
                    Spring 2013
                    CD RELEASE
                    New CD: „Miraculum“ with Nico Lohmann‘s quintet on Unit Records!
                    read more: u.k. promotion
                    Birgitta Flick Quartett „Yingying“:
                    Birgitta‘s new CD „Yingying“ with her quartet from Berlin will be released in June 2013!
                    more information and tour dates you‘ll soon find here and on
                    Birgitta Flick Quartett on Kulturradio (rbb):
                    April 13, 2013 at 23:04 on Kulturradio (rbb):
                    broadcast of the concert at Jazz Units/Grüner Salon, Berlin, December 6, 2012                    
                    Winter 2012/2013
                    December 29, 2012 at 23:04 on Kulturradio 88.8 (rbb):
                    „I remember Harry“ - broadcast of the show Birgitta played on May 25, 2012 with
                    Dan Collette & The James Gang feat. Katja Brauneis in Ulf Drechsel‘s „Late Night Jazz“
                    Autumn 2012
                    October: Big Band „JayJayBeCe“ from Berlin recorded Birgitta‘s arrangement of her
                    composition „Yingying“ live at Kunstfabrik Schlot
                    September: concerts and recording session in Stockholm with Sebastian Voegler‘s
                    band, the „Come Back Quartet“
                    Summer 2012
                    Birgitta received with the band Flickstick this year‘s Jazz Baltica award, the
                    Jazz Baltica Förderpreis
                    Birgitta wurde mit der Band Flickstick mit dem diesjährigen Jazz Baltica Förderpreis
                    Spring 2012
                    first demos of Birgitta‘s folkmusik project
                    Winter 2011/12
                    new video online on youtube: Stockholm concert from November 29th 2011 with
                    Gunnar Åkerhielm - p, Petter Olofsson - b, Sebastian Voegler - dr bei jazzistán
Birgitta Flick - saxophonist and composer